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I am often asked to find a particular car. It could be for a collector looking  to add a specific car to the collection. Other times the search is initiated for sentimental or nostalgic reasons such as, “Can you find my father’s 1963 Split Window Corvette?’  “My family would love to have that car back”.  Whatever the reason, I do find specific cars and negotiate their purchase. I buy and sell cars for clients.
Probably the most difficult find was the 1958 Corvette.  All I had for the basis of the search was a VIN number, the original color of the car and that the car was sold new in Pennsylvania.

I started by contacting Corvette clubs in Pennsylvania and several surrounding states. I made a list of all the 1958 Corvettes in these clubs I could find and their owners. I went methodically through the list  contacting each owner. Eventually I found the car in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! It had been repainted once but the VIN number matched. The owner was not ready to sell just yet but he did agree to contact my client first when the car came up for sale.  It takes only a few words to write about this search but I assure you it took a lot of time and luck.

Cars found in 2015 include:

  • Jaguar XK 150S
  • Jaguar E Type
  • 1958 Corvette
  • 1964 Corvette

If you have a car you want me to find and buy or if you have a car to sell please contact me

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