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About Jeff Murray

I am an attorney, and a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association.  My father was a Buick dealer for forty four years. As a young person growing up there were always interesting cars at home such as Jaguars, Buick Gran Sports, Buick Rivieras, early MG Bs, Porsche Super 90s, many Corvettes, even Citroens. I have either fully restored or partially restored the following cars; 1926 Buick, a Triumph TR 6, a 1967 MG B and a 1971 Corvette.

I started collecting vintage car books in 1959 and my library now extends to well over 4000 books, periodicals, and magazines. When I started collecting these books and periodicals I had no grand purpose in mind but I did have a passion for the subject matter, vintage cars.  Many of these books are now surprisingly valuable and rare.

My research training includes legal research courses as part of my law degree,  a nearly two year stint at Paul Russell and Company researching rare parts, seminar courses at the Revs Institute in Naples, Florida,  and Continuing Legal Education credits in research. Along the way I have picked up over 3000 resources, including libraries here and in Europe, various marque registries, photographic resources,  and contact information for individual experts. Not much can teach you more than practical experience.

My work includes:

VIN Research, Fire, Theft, Flood, and stolen cars

Previous Owner Research

Title History


Race History

Research and Forensic research for:

  1. Engine Numbers
  2. Hidden or “confidential” Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
  3. Sequence Order Numbers for some Chrysler vehicles
  4. Serial Numbers
  5. Chassis Numbers
  6. Body Panel Date Codes
  7. Data Plate and Trim Tag/Cowl Tag Decoding
  8. Unique production variations
  9. Tank sticker decoding
  10. Broadcast sheet decoding
  11. Window glass date decoding

I have thousands of rare books and periodicals in my library for research. For example, resources such as Tailfins and Bowties, Chevrolet Production Figures and Option totals. From 1953 to 1989.   An extremely rare two volume set of Chevrolet Production Figures useful to determine if the subject 1963 Corvette under investigation really is the one of just one produced.

I love what I do and relish a challenge.

My fleet changes from time to time but I am currently enjoying a 2004 Honda S2000 I bought new and intend to keep. I recently sold a 1967 Jaguar XKE OTS that I miss. There have been Porsches, Sunbeams and MGs along the way. Finally,  I have a Corvette LT 1 roadster. When you start the car it sounds like someone dropped a stick of dynamite then it settles into a great idle.  Very satisfying.

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